AEGIR-Marine Power

Aegir Marine Powermaandag 12 april 2021 14:17

Iedereen heeft gemerkt wat de consequenties zijn als de scheepvaart stil komt te liggen...

Een trots bericht van AEGIR-Marine:

The whole world has been watching the refloating of the container vessel Ever Given in the Suez Canal last week. The final solution came, when Boskalis / Smit deployed 2 very strong ocean going tugs. The Italian MT Carlo Magno, with a 152 ton bollard pull and the Dutch flagged Alp Guard with a massive 286 ton bollard pull. The power of these mighty tugs made it possible to refloat the Ever Given and made free flow of the world trade possible again. And now you just guess which company ensured that all that power was transferred into the thrust needed?

Did put a smile on our faces and made us proud!

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